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Our mission
Mental health problems cross all boundaries of race, gender, culture, faith, social status and sexuality. APCMH offers friendship to everyone, and accepts people as they are. We work alongside members of our local community to build a better understanding of mental health and emotional distress.


APCMH works to sow the seeds of hope by demonstrating that people are valued and loved. We focus on individuals, not their mental health status. We seek to remove the barriers to acceptance and inclusion that can so often be present in our society.


Mental health problems can reduce an individual's opportunities to make choices. We encourage people to participate in the decisions that affect them.

Croydon APCMH
Croydon APCMH is affiliated with the nationwide APCMH, a voluntary organisation that offers mental health support to all. Although founded by the Christian community, we are open to everyone and actively welcome people from all faiths and backgrounds.

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